I Know Where I Came From…


We’ve all had that moment at some point in our life where our backs are against the ropes. That moment when you’ve fallen so low that you have to look up to see the bottom. I’ve been there. I was without a job, living with my wife out of a car with everything to our name in the trunk thinking “how did we get here?” I was so far in debt that gas and food was a luxury. I was the epitome of a loser. I let life beat me down so bad that all I knew was losing and I got tired of it. I got tired of waking up in the driver’s seat of my car. I got tired of worrying about where our next meal was going to come from. I got tired of not being able to provide my bride a roof and a bed. I got tired of losing in life. I GOT TIRED!!! And when you get tired of being on the losing end in life, your natural fight or flight instincts start kicking in and you start to fight back!

I remember promising my wife one night in the car during the middle of winter, parked behind a hotel, that I would buy her a home and that we would never see this way of life again. And 6 years later, I was able to fulfill that promise of buying her the brand new home that she wanted. How? Because I started to fight back! I knew what it was like being homeless, I knew what it was like eating scraps, and that was enough to drive me to do everything in my power to make sure my wife never experienced that again. When you have big dreams of living a big reality, you won’t ever forget where you came from, because that’s a part of who you are – a part of your prize! I know where I came from, I just knew that I couldn’t stay there. So you need to decide whether or not your goals are enough to drive you forward in life, enough to push you towards your dreams. Let your pain, let your heartache, let your failures push you to the greatness within you!


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