The Dream Is Free, But The Grind Costs Extra…

The Dream is FreeA lot of us have dreams: I want to be a doctor, I want to travel the world, I want to be a millionaire, the list can go on and on. Ask yourself this one simple question as to why you’re not living your dream: what am I not doing to get me there? There are always going to be circumstances beyond our control that derail us from living a reality that we dreamed of, but the one thing you never want to be able to say is “I didn’t try hard enough.” You never want to leave anything on the table when pursuing your dreams. If you’re only putting in 70%, if you’re only putting in average effort, you will never get to that next level! It’s easy to dream, it’s easy to have goals; but if you’re not grinding on 100% every day, your dreams will just be fuel for your disappointment.

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