Be True to the Process…

Don't cheat the processWhy am I not seeing the results? How did I get a C on that test? Why didn’t I get that promotion? Why is my relationship on the rocks? These are all questions, among others, that we’ve asked ourselves at one point or another. The number one question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you truly are giving 100%. Not seeing the results you expected? Where are you cheating the process? Relationship is on the rocks? What are you holding back? Didn’t get that promotion? What are you not doing? You see there’s always going to be disappointment with the goals you set, but you never want it to be because you didn’t give 100% every day. You never want to fail because you withheld effort in seeing it through. I’ve seen people cheat their way to graduating summa cum laude, but failed to make anything of themselves in the real world. Let’s see how far your summa cum laude and your 60% effort will take you in the real world! You may cheat your way through the process, but the truth will always come out in the product you put out. In everything you do, value yourself enough to give it 100%, or don’t do it.

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