FEAR: (F)ace It, (E)xplore It, (A)ccept it, (R)espond

Fear is an IllusionFear is a funny thing. It can bend you, break you, and beat you down and keep you there. Fear is just an illusion of reality, but it’s not actuality. Someone once said fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. How cute! The fear is still there – but now I’m left questioning which fears are real and which ones are not! If you want to break free from the boundaries of fear, you have to do more than just acknowledge that the fear isn’t real; you have to take action! I have a different acronym for fear that I live by, something that involves me DOING something about it.

The first thing you have to do is (F)ace it! Face your fears head on. Fear is just something that we develop in our mind, so if you want to get beyond the fear, you have to face it. Then you have to (E)xplore that fear. What was it that created that fear in the first place? Was it previous experiences? Is there unwanted negativity around you adding to the fear? Find out what the root cause of your fear is to fully understand it; and once you understand it, you’ve got to (A)ccept it. Let’s face it, if you don’t accept the fact that the fear is there, if you don’t acknowledge the problem that’s keeping you from your success, you can’t (R)espond to the fear by taking action to overcome it.
So yes, fear can be False Evidence Appearing Real, but to me that’s too passive. We’re not here to talk about it, we’re here to conquer it by Facing it, Exploring it, Accepting it, and Responding to it!

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