Pokemon No…


Unfortunately, this is going to hurt someone’s feelings. Maybe a lot of people’s feelings. As many of you are aware, there’s this new app out called Pokemon Go, that has people going around using their GPS systems to track down characters in the game. And while it may bring back some nostalgia for a lot of folks, I can tell you one thing it’s not doing; it ain’t bringing you closer to your goals. People spend so much time on this app, but yet are on social media complaining that they’re broke! You broke? Yet you have time to spend chasing Pokemon? You broke and you have time to tweet about how much time you wasted chasing Pokemon? WHAT?! I’m going to be honest, if you’re broke, the only thing you should be using your cell phone or computer for is to find a job! If you’re broke, the only thing you should be using your cell phone or computer for is to grow your value! Talking about “I’m going to a Pokemon party with some friends!” If you’re broke, you shouldn’t have friends – for real. If your friends aren’t making your life better, if your friends aren’t pushing you to get on your own feet and grind, if your friends are inviting you to party but not to study, they are not your friends! A party is a celebration, but if you’re broke, what are you celebrating?! Quit compromising your time, energy, and efforts for a children’s app! If you are complaining about where you are in life, but yet have time to post which Pokemon you caught on social media, then you have nobody to blame but you. You have to be disciplined enough to put fun and games in time out and get to work!


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