About Matt Horne

Matt 4.jpg“Just because you failed, doesn’t make you a failure. It’s your attitude about failing that determines whether or not you’re a failure.” -Eric Thomas.

My name is Matt Horne. I’m a businessman; a youth advocate; a change agent; a motivational speaker; and I’m here to help empower and coach you to the breakthrough in your life you’ve been looking for. We’ve all had our struggles and our demons and our setbacks; we’ve all experienced losses in our life. I’m here to show you how to use that pain and heartache from your past to help push you to the greatness that awaits you in your future.

At a young age, I made it my mission to be a positive impact on the lives of others. Blessed with the gifts of playing the saxophone, I had the privilege of performing all over the country next to some of the biggest names in jazz. At the age of 13, I released a CD titled “He Knows My Name”, and by 14, I had been featured in newspapers and on the local news broadcasts as being a musical prodigy. As I got older, though, I found that my saxophone could only reach a niche audience. I knew that I had to get from behind the bandstand, and in front of the people that needed to hear a message that an instrument couldn’t convey.

Done being a loserIt wasn’t easy though. I’ve failed time and time again trying to find my way. After failing so many times to discover who the real Matt Horne was, after losing so much in life, I hit rock bottom. I became an alcoholic, I abused pain killers, I was homeless living out of my car, eating scraps I could find for meals. I blamed everyone and anyone I could think of as to why my life went to shit on a rocket, for the exception of one person… me.

I finally woke up and realized I was done being a loser. I was done with being a failure. I was done with trying to pass off accountability for my life; and when I did that, my situation started to improve. Holding myself accountable to me was the best thing I could have done for my life. I went from living out of the back of a Dodge, to renting a 450 square foot apartment, to renting a two-bedroom condo, to now having a 4-bedroom house being built from the ground up that I own! I went from questioning “why me?” to helping people ask “who’s next?!”

What The 12th Round is about is never giving up and never backing down when life backs you up against the ropes. When I hit rock bottom, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to answer the standing 8 count. I thought I was out for the count! But when I started holding myself accountable, when I decided to use the pain and heartache of my failures to push me, I found the motivation to get up and fight back!

It’s not over, not by a long shot. You’ve been through a lot in your life. I’ve been through a lot in my life. Life knocked me on my ass time and time again, as I’m sure it did you, too. I’m here to give you the tools and the advice you need to get up and fight back!

Keep fighting champ, I didn’t hear a bell…

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