This Fire Burns…

Fire within

There are those of you reading this right now that are going through adversity in your life; that you are unsure whether or not you’re going to be able to make it to the bell. I need you to understand your reasons for pushing forward, more affectionately known as your “why.” Maybe it’s your son or your daughter, or your spouse, or a friend or family member. When you’re feeling stuck in moving towards your goals and dreams, I need you to put your “why” in the forefront of your mind, because if you’re thinking about you, you might  quit. I know why I can’t quit.

I think about my wife everyday when I go to work because she depends on me to help carry the financial load of life. When I was jobless, homeless, an alcoholic, she was there for me and saw me through it all because she believed in me. There are always going to be tough days ahead, but I can’t afford to let her down because she had faith in me to make it to the next round. So I put in 120% every single day to ensure that she doesn’t have to stress about not having the income I bring in – I’m giving her the return on her investment in me.

I think about my brother Charles everyday when working on The 12th Round. Charles has saved me from some of the darkest days in my entire life. In 2004, I attempted suicide. The pressures of life were too much for me to handle, at least so I thought. I had been so used to winning, that when I started losing I had no clue how to handle it. Charles was there for me, when no one else was. Not only did he see me through that dark day, when I finally came to – laid up in a dingy bathtub – there he was, sitting next to me to make sure I was OK; and since the day we met, he has never left my side. I’m giving him the return on his investment in me.

I think about my sister Jasmine every single day. We’ve been through hell and back with each other. I’m her protector and her best friend. That’s what big brothers are supposed to do and be to their baby sisters. But when I was going through tough times in my life, she was there for me. She wiped away my tears, picked my big ass up when I fell; she would burn the towel that I was trying to throw in on life. She supported me when I needed it most – I’m giving her the return on her investment in me.

These are the reasons why I keep going. These three are the reasons why I will not surrender. These three people are the reasons why you will never hear me say I quit because they’re counting on me. These three people are what drive me through whatever life has to throw my way. These three are the reason why I will win! What’s your reason? Who’s your why?



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