You Win Some, You Lose Some.

You win some

One of the most common things that prevent people from pursuing their dreams is the fear of failure. If you’re letting the fear of failing prevent you from pushing forward, guess what… you failed. Keeping yourself from pursuing your dreams is a failure in itself. Stop selling yourself short because of fear. By quitting before you even get started, you create a ripple effect for anything you decide to do in life. You created a culture of quitting; that it is OK to quit.

Understand this – there is no success without failure. THERE IS NO SUCCESS WITHOUT FAILURE. A person that plays it safe in life is likely to never experience the fulfillment of success. I’d rather fail and learn from my mistakes than continue living life full of regrets. When you fail (and trust me, you will) pick yourself up and keep going. The difference between failing and being a failure is based solely on the actions you take next.

Like I’ve said, I failed time and time again. Even to this day, I still fail. But the difference between the me 10 years ago and the me now is night and day. Back then, when I failed, I became depressed and I drank. You know when your mom tells you to “fix your face” because you were walking around looking mad at the world? Yeah, that was my life! That’s how I felt in my bones because I didn’t know what to do with failure. I never held myself accountable to my mistakes, so the only way for me to express my displeasure in my failures was to be miserable and garner as many sympathizers as I could – more affectionately known as the “Woe is Me” syndrome. I created this toxic culture within myself that when I lost, it was the end of the world for me, and no one or nothing could change that. The culture I created was so toxic that I started quitting before I even thought about trying.

What I need you to realize is that you are supposed to fail. We all will. Failing doesn’t make you a failure. You’re going to have some wins and you’re going to have some losses; don’t let that one bad loss derail you from realizing your greatness. If Michael Jordan quit playing basketball after he got cut from the high school basketball team, the Chicago Bulls probably wouldn’t have been 5-time world champs in the 90’s (take a look at what they’ve done without him.) If Dwayne Johnson gave up after being cut by the NFL and CFL, the WWF(E) would’ve folded in the 90’s, and movie franchises would’ve went bust without his pure, natural talent. Don’t let that one failure be the end of your journey. Don’t let that one mistake derail you from reaching your greatness. Get off that stool, get your hands up, and keep moving forward.

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