Sometimes… You need to start over.

output-file-pngLife is a beautiful thing. We all experience the highest of highs, and lowest of lows. Everything from getting a new job or a promotion, to leaving a job and cherished co workers or even losing it because of a mistake; from finding the love you’ve always wanted to losing it in an instant. The true fighter in you doesn’t come out when you’ve won a life fight, it comes out when you’ve lost one.

We have all lost a life fight, we will all continue to lose little life fights here and there until we return to the sands of time. When you do lose, don’t stay defeated, go back to the drawing board, get back in the gym, get some applications out there, keep looking, keep fighting. You have to. I won’t give up on you if you don’t give up on yourself, SO DON’T! If you ever need a little word of encouragement, or even just someone to talk to, we are here. You can message us here or on our Facebook page. If you ever need to, you can even message us personally, he’s Matt Horne and I’m Charles Contreras.

Remember this, you can always fight harder than you are right now. If there is something out there that you want, go get it, don’t let anything stop you. Did you know that hummingbirds cannot walk? That doesn’t stop them from being one of the most powerful pound for pound fighters in the world. When you think all is lost, there’s nothing left to fight for, or even nothing else that you can do, get back to square one. Somewhere, someone truly loves you. If you don’t think so, then know that I love you. Don’t quit, commit, fight back, – AND WIN!

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