Eliminate Unforced Errors


There are often times where we want to achieve big things, but are often caught up with the minutiae of the little things. What happens when we spend so much time “sweating the small stuff” is we open up the door for errors. When you minimize the distractions and the small stuff that is occupying your time, you reduce the unforced errors that keep you from reaching your goals.

Will errors happen? Of course! You can’t completely eliminate the possibility of errors, but you can certainly minimize the potential for errors. There may be some things that are beyond your control, but that’s no excuse for not being able to control what YOU can control. Everything that you can control, impose your will on it and control it! Don’t allow the mental errors from the small stuff keep you from your opportunities. Be deliberate with eliminating the time and energy you spend on stressing the small stuff to clear your path to achieving the big stuff.

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