I’m posting this because recently I’ve seen a lot of posts on FB about suicide. My brother recently lost a dear friend, another of my brothers shared a post about how the suicide rate among active Air Force enlisted has steadily been escalating over the past 15 years. My brother also showed me how practically HALF of the men and women that call the VA suicide hotline are simply not answered. Could you imagine reaching out for help and simply hearing ringing or, even worse, an answer and a click? I also recently saw a post that disturbed me the most. Apparently there is a FB group that shares depressing pictures and depressing memes and I saw this post from a girl in high school. It said, “If you could take a pill that would kill you with no pain at all, would you take it?”

First off, I was aghast that anyone would make this picture in the first place. I was angry at whomever made the meme to begin with. Then I saw how many “friends” of this girl that said, “Yeah, I’d do it.” It absolutely broke my heart. I was there, I had that pill, it was a shotgun, I tried to take it, I tried everything to make it happen, but I couldn’t.

Throughout my life, suicide has been an unwelcome companion. I’ve lost dear friends and immediate family, military and civilian. I have friends and family that have lost people that were majorly important to them and it influences them every day. There is one thing that always rings true.

When you sit there and you dwell on on your own demise, you will find reasons to throw in the towel. I know, I was there. However, as soon as you realize what you will do to those that you love, as soon as as you realize that your life is incredibly valuable, as soon as you finally see that you ARE spectacular, you start to see the truth.

When we go through life trying to beat ourselves up, we always lose. We perpetuate self-destruction. We breathe it into our being. It takes that moment of clarity, that moment of introspection, that moment that you realize how wonderful you truly are, to start laying the foundation of your future. No one can build you up like YOU!!! Encourage yourself every day! If you need a day off, contact us, we will encourage the Hell out of you!!!! We’re both here for you, no matter what time, contact us on our personal FB pages, Matt Horne and Charles Contreras. If you need to call someone, I’m Charles at 480-343-6215.

If you don’t feel comfortable contacting either of us then please contact someone…

National Suicide Prevention Hotline (800) 273 – 8255

The Treatment Advocacy Center (800) 784 – 2433

The Samaritans (212) 673 – 3000

or, once again, your boy, Charles Contreras (480) 343 – 6215

Don’t quit! Don’t ever quit – commit, FIGHT BACK, and WIN! This is The 12th Round!

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