Don’t wait to start, do it now.


There is only one thing guaranteed in this life, it’s going to end. It is an unfortunate truth that we all have to face someday. When we realize and accept that one day we will die, is when we finally start to live. There will be obstacles along the way; loss, heartbreak, failure, struggle, sickness… it’s all going to happen sooner or later. The thing that you have to understand is that no one is going to fight for you. People can be there to help you along the way, but you’re the one throwing and taking the punches. I think one of the hardest things that we face is illness.

When we get sick, and we all do, it’s usually something small, like a cold. Easy opponent here, we drink some orange juice, take some cough medicine, and get some rest. A few days go by and we feel better. Then there are times when we get sick and it’s a little more complicated than just using all the tricks that your mom used when you were a child.

There are far too many ailments to list them all here, but when you’re dealing with these things, there’s nothing more terrifying. Going to the doctor’s office can already be a scary enough experience for many people so I want to talk to everyone that is currently fighting a battle that no one else can see.

Your loved ones surrounding you will see the physical changes that happen to you but they won’t be able to see what’s happening in your brain. There aren’t words to explain the roller coaster of emotions, feelings, thoughts, fears, concerns all bubbling like a witch’s brew in the cauldron that is your mind. I will never claim to have the answers to any of those questions, nor will I ever tell you that you should or shouldn’t feel a particular way. However, I am here to tell you that how you handle everything going forward will dictate many, many things. You can choose to react negatively, dwell on that negativity, slip off track, and wither away; or you can choose to fight.

Nothing is more difficult than fighting a battle between your mind and body, but fighting for yourself can be the most rewarding thing we ever do. I remember fighting for my life after being jumped and it was not easy. I woke up in the hospital and realized I was deaf, kept fighting. There was a period of time when I couldn’t even walk, kept fighting. I had to crawl on my stomach to the bathroom because even rising to my hands and knees would cause debilitating vertigo, kept fighting. I look back on those experiences and only now realize how much I’ve grown. While it was a fight between mind and body, it pales in comparison to fighting disease.

Picking up those gloves, lacing up those shoes, wrapping your fists, and getting ready for the fight of your life can be quite daunting. When you get bad news, there is nothing more helpful than knowing you have someone in your corner to talk to, cry with, or even just sit with you and hold your hand. We’re here if you need us, but what you need most is YOU. You have to keep that fighting spirit, no matter how hard it is, because no one else can do it for you. Your mind is so wondrously powerful and can do incredible things to and for your body. Having a positive mental attitude is critical because your outlook can not only change your body, it can change your life!

Harnessing that energy can bring so much happiness into your life, not just from within but also from outside influences. Positive thoughts and actions breed more positive thoughts and actions. Learning to appreciate every single day that we have is finally learning to live but you have to do it today. Don’t wait until you’re sick, or you get in an accident, or you get knocked down to start fighting back. Why let life beat you down before taking control? Take control of the fight now. Start fighting for yourself harder than you fight for everyone else! You’ll start seeing positive changes in your life, and those around you, in no time at all. Start fighting harder today, because there is no tomorrow! Don’t quit – commit, fight back, and win. THIS is The 12th Round.

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