What’s Your Comeback Story?

Nothing is Impossible.jpg

Nothing is more deflating in life than getting put on your back; getting knocked down. There’s not many ways to put it other than it sucks. Getting knocked down isn’t supposed to be fun! It destroys any momentum you had. It kills any motivation you had to keep pushing forward. Getting knocked down is life’s way of telling you “you can’t do it!” Instead of giving up on your goals, I need you to say “watch me!” Instead of giving up on your dreams, I need you to say “I will!” Instead of giving up on YOU, I need you to say “IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?!”

There was a time when I was living out of my car and bouncing from couch to couch. Wherever I could get a hot shower, I was there. I was at an absolute low point in my life and I honestly didn’t think that there was any way of coming back from it. I was positive that my life was going nowhere and I was content with watching it from the mat while it did. Then one day I finally got tired of laying on the mat, watching as life was celebrating in the corner, thinking that it got me. There was more to my life than living out of the back of a car. There was more to my life than sleeping on friends’ floors. There was more to my life and damn it I was going to live it!

The one thing I need you to know right now, is that if you take nothing else away from this, I need you to leave knowing this: you’re not too far gone from making a comeback! When life knocks you down, dig deep and find the reason why you took the fight in the first place to motivate you back to your feet. When I was homeless in 2010, I knew two things then: I’m homeless now, and one day I won’t be! Life knocked me on my ass more times than I can count, but my reason to get back up and keep fighting was right next to me! Life had me against the ropes, but my why was telling me to get my hands up and fight back! Life said that my goals and dreams were impossible, but my reasons to succeed said “this is your comeback story!”

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it every day of my life: If you have two hands and a heart, you have a fighting chance! Nothing is impossible, even if you’ve failed over and over again. Your dreams are worth fighting for. Your goals are worth fighting for. Your LIFE is worth fighting for! Your comeback story is waiting to be told – so don’t quit! Commit, fight back, and win!

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