New Year, New Effort!

new-year-new-effortHappy New Year! Wow does time fly? 2016 seemed to go by in an instant, and you know what? That’s just how quickly an opportunity of a lifetime can fly by too! How many of you are sitting there thinking, “it’s a new year, time for a new me”? Be honest, how often have you told yourself “ok, this year is my year” but haven’t really left the starting blocks from when you told yourself that 3 years ago? Look, we’ve all been there; this year I’m going to do this, and I’m going to stop doing this, but realistically, nothing changes because we didn’t put the effort in to realize those goals. Some of you have left goals on 2016’s table! Don’t change your goals and expectations to match your current reality – change your effort to match the reality you’ve been dreaming of! If you have goals still on the table from years past, that should be the tell-tale sign that you need to step up your effort! Remember, no one is going to fight your fight for you. If you want it badly enough, you’re going to have to dig deep and commit to achieving whatever it is you set out for yourself. Stop saying “New Year, New Me” just to make yourself feel better for not accomplishing the things you set out for yourself from the year before! It’s all about the effort you put in to reaching those goals now and into the future – New Year, New Effort!

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