Try, Try Again

Try Again

I checked off everything on the list. I worked my ass off day and night. The stars were aligned – this was my time; and then it happened. I failed. I failed. I did everything right, yet I still failed. I was left with two choices: I could give up and live with being a failure, or I could pick myself up and step out from the shadow of failure, and try again.

When I failed, when I hit rock bottom – it hurt. It was one of the most difficult times of my life when I lost everything. I failed my wife, I failed my family, but most importantly I failed me; and it hurt! It was difficult to get up in the morning because I had to face the fact that I failed. It was difficult to look the people that depended on me in the face because I let them down. It was difficult to look myself in the mirror because I hated the fact that I was letting failure dictate my life!

I had to be honest with myself: no one was going to save me. No one was coming to the rescue, and if I wanted to break out of the shadows of failure, depression, and addiction, the hero I needed to save the day was the one I was afraid to see in the mirror! Listen to me: you’re going to fail in life, but it isn’t the end. Life is going to get its blows in on you – you’ll be alright. Keep your hands up and fight back; but you must decide, today, that the pain that you’re feeling because of your failures is going to fuel your drive to try again! When life knocks you down nine times, make sure you’re up by the count of ten! Failure is never final; it’s just another opportunity to get up and try again!

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