Try, Try Again

I checked off everything on the list. I worked my ass off day and night. The stars were aligned – this was my time; and then it happened. I failed. I failed. I did everything right, yet I still failed. I was left with two choices: I could give up and live with being a... Continue Reading →

No More Tomorrows!

One thing that I’ve found over time is that when you’re working towards a goal, there’s going to be setbacks. There’s going to be days when things don’t go your way. There’s going to be times when you just don’t feel like it. You may be even saying to yourself that you’ll get to it... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Effort!

Happy New Year! Wow does time fly? 2016 seemed to go by in an instant, and you know what? That’s just how quickly an opportunity of a lifetime can fly by too! How many of you are sitting there thinking, “it’s a new year, time for a new me”? Be honest, how often have you... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Comeback Story?

Nothing is more deflating in life than getting put on your back; getting knocked down. There’s not many ways to put it other than it sucks. Getting knocked down isn’t supposed to be fun! It destroys any momentum you had. It kills any motivation you had to keep pushing forward. Getting knocked down is life’s... Continue Reading →

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